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 Manufacturer:  Intel
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BQX8552BX80646E31220V3XEON E3-1220V3 LGA1150 3.1G 8MB BOX$209.14
BVQ7172BX80646E31226V3XEON E3-1226 V3 4C 3.30GHZ 8MB DDR3 UP TO 1600MHZ 84W$229.93
BVQ7169BX80646E31231V3XEON E3-1231 V3 4C 3.40GHZ 8MB DDR3 UP TO 1600MHZ 80W$257.30
BVQ7168BX80646E31241V3XEON E3-1241 V3 4C 3.50GHZ 8MB DDR3 UP TO 1600MHZ 80W$278.43
BVQ7171BX80646E31246V3XEON E3-1246 V3 4C 3.50GHZ 8MB DDR3 UP TO 1600MHZ 84W$292.56
BVQ7167BX80646E31271V3XEON E3-1271 V3 4C 3.60GHZ 8MB DDR3 UP TO 1600MHZ 80W$345.83
BVQ7170BX80646E31276V3XEON E3-1276 V3 4C 3.60GHZ 8MB DDR3 UP TO 1600MHZ 84W$356.70
BTU1263BX80646G1820CELERON G1820 2.7GHZ 2MB BOX$46.95
BTU1264BX80646G1830CELERON G1830 2.8GHZ 2MB BOX$57.41
BUK1844BX80646G1840CELERON G1840 FC-LGA12C 2.8GHZ 2MB BOX$46.95
BUK1843BX80646G1850CELERON G1850 FC-LGA12C 2.9GHZ 2MB BOX$57.41
BTB0742BX80646G3220PENTIUM G3220 LGA1150 3GHZ 3MB BOX$68.88
BUK1842BX80646G3240PENTIUM G3240 FC-LGA12C 3.1GHZ 3MB BOX$68.88
BVV4652BX80646G3250PENTIUM PROCESSOR G3250 3.20G 3M CACHE$68.88
BVT6376BX80646G3258PENTIUM G3258 FC-LGA12C 3.2GHZ 3MB BOX$76.73
BYZ6539BX80646G3260PENTIUM G3260 2C FC-LGA1150 3.3G 3MB BOXED$68.88
BTB0741BX80646G3420PENTIUM G3420 LGA1150 3.2GHZ 3MB BOX$87.97
BTB0740BX80646G3430PENTIUM G3430 LGA1150 3.3GHZ 3MB BOX$97.83
BUK1841BX80646G3440PENTIUM G3440 FC-LGA12C 3.3GHZ 3MB BOX$87.97
BUK1840BX80646G3450PENTIUM G3450 FC-LGA12C 3.4GHZ 3MB BOX$87.97
BVV4651BX80646G3460PENTIUM PROCESSOR G3460 3.50G 3M CACHE$87.97
BYZ6536BX80646G3470PENTIUM G3470 FC-LGA12C 3.6G 3MB BOXED$97.83
BTB0739BX80646I34130CORE I3-4130 LGA1150 3.4GHZ 3MB BOX$120.49
BTB1061BX80646I34130TCORE I3-4130T SKT1150 2.90GHZ 3MB BOX$120.49
BUK1839BX80646I34150CORE I3-4150 FC-LGA12C 3.5GHZ 3MB BOX$120.49

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