Research, review, and buy 1yr Web-Filter Ndp-Vm-Xc Up To 4cpu And 500 Concur User. Wedge Networks WF-1Y-VM-XC WF1YVMXC is available shipped for $2,341.90. More information on this item is available below. Click the button below for details and specifications.

Wedge Networks WF-1Y-VM-XC wf1yvmxc 1yr Web-Filter Ndp-Vm-Xc Up To 4cpu And 500 Concur User

Mfg. & Model:Wedge Networks WF-1Y-VM-XC
Mfg. Part #:WF-1Y-VM-XC ( WF1YVMXC )
Description:1yr Web-Filter Ndp-Vm-Xc Up To 4cpu And 500 Concur User

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Essential Information
BLT Item #:BPX1561
Manufacturer Part #:WF-1Y-VM-XC
Manufacturer:Wedge Networks
Weight:1 lbs.
Suggested Retail Price:$2,740.08
Return Policy:Standard BLT Return Policy
Technical Information
Description:"1 Year Web-Filter License for NDP-VM-XCThe Internet is an invaluable business tool, but in the dynamic web environment it poses significant productivity and security challenges. Organizations are faced with the problem of establishing an acceptable web usage policy, maintaining this policy, and reporting on its effectiveness. The BeSecure Web Filter Module enables organizations to understand, filter, monitor, and report on internet usage, allowing employees to take full advantage of the Web without compromising business goals. Web Usage Controls The BeSecure Web Filter Module is the only appliance that combines Category-based filtering with Real Time Expression Filtering and Reputation-based filtering, creating the best and most dynamic web filtering protection available. This allows organizations to:Reduce risk while protecting corporate reputations, filter and monitor Internet use to align with business goals, reduce legal liability, maximize employee productivity, and preserve bandwidth for business-related activities.Utilize an expansive category-based filtering through the TrustedSource Web Database, a proven repository of more than 30 million websites with over 90 categories.Scan down to the keyword level with Wedge Real Time Expression. Filtering does not stop at the URL. Content, it is inspected down to individual words and patterns contained within web traffic and is fully customizable with specific expressions, enabling organizations to prevent the leakage of confidential information leaving the organization through Internet protocols.Leverage reputation-based filtering that enhances category-based filtering with up-to-theminute intelligence powered by TrustedSource™, and allows organizations to benefit from information about content sources and risks gathered throughout the Internet. Using this real-time scoring, the BeSecure Web Filter Module pro-actively and reliably blocks the latest Web 2.0 threats and malware before they can enter the organization's network.Prevent Data Theft, Keyloggers, and Call Home Viruses from sending information out of their networks by blocking outbound traffic from contacting malicious sites.Enable BeSecure Anti-Malware scanning for protection against malicious code from unknown or compromised legitimate sites."
Product Type:Hardware Licensing
License Type:License
License Validation Period:1 Year
Product Supported:Wedge NDP-VM-XC Security Appliance

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