Research, review, and buy 1yr Renewal Onsite 24x7 4hr Gold For Superloader 3 Z1. Quantum SR-ER-711 SRER711 is available shipped for $1,646.59. More information on this item is available below. Click the button below for details and specifications.

Quantum SR-ER-711 srer711 1yr Renewal Onsite 24x7 4hr Gold For Superloader 3 Z1

Mfg. & Model:Quantum SR-ER-711
Mfg. Part #:SR-ER-711 ( SRER711 )
Description:1yr Renewal Onsite 24x7 4hr Gold For Superloader 3 Z1

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Essential Information
BLT Item #:BM66151
Manufacturer Part #:SR-ER-711
Weight:1 lbs.
Manufacturer's website:
Return Policy:No Returns Or Exchanges
Technical Information
Service Name:StorageCare Gold Support Plan
Description:Quantum's Gold Support Plan provides a leading class of service for organizations with around-the-clock high-availability requirements or complex IT environments. The Gold Support Plan provides for on-site support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a four-hour target response time. Gold customers also have priority access to Quantum's expert telephone support.
Product Type:Service
Service Main Type:Maintenance
Service Sub Type:Electronic and Physical
Service Characteristic:Parts & Labor
Service Description:24x7x4 Hour
Service Details:24-Hour Telephone Support:For immediate assistance, Quantum's Technical Assistance Centers (QTACs) are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. QTAC's skilled service professionals can answer technical questions and assist with equipment operation. If on-site service is needed, QTAC will mobilize other support resources from within Quantum's Global Services Team. A centralized help and dispatch center, QTAC has locations in North America, Asia, and Europe and offers multi-language support.Priority Call Handling:Your calls to QTAC are given priority status and handled by the next available service team member.24-Hour On-Site Support:When on-site service is required, QTAC will dispatch authorized service personnel to your site to restore equipment to normal operation. The Gold Support Plan entitles you to a four-hour response. Gold customers also receive on-site service 24x7- that is, 24 hours a day, seven days a week including national holidays. This around-the-clock level of service is ideal for 24-hour data centers or complex IT environments.Open Systems, Multi-Vendor Support:Quantum specializes in support for open systems data protection, and most of our customers rely on multiple server and storage platforms. Quantum is committed to providing the kind of proactive multi-vendor support needed in heterogeneous environments. In addition to having cooperative support agreements with vendors of complementary storage products, Quantum is a member of Mission Critical Customer Group and the Storage Solutions Forum of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). Quantum's Global Services Team has expertise in a wide range of server platforms, operating systems, SAN infrastructure, and data management and backup software.Spares Support and Integrated Logistics PlanningFor timely problem resolution, Quantum stocks spare parts in strategic locations in major metropolitan areas. Any spare parts required to perform service are automatically replaced at no charge to the customer. Quantum Global Services maintains an integrated planning system that links spares pools in a global database to ensure that required parts are readily available.Library Firmware UpdatesLibrary firmware upgrades are available at no charge and can be downloaded from Quantum's Service and Support Website or installed by an authorized service technician. From the Service and Support Website, you can also subscribe to receive Product Support Updates via email for the latest Quantum product information.Online ResourcesService and Support Website including the online Knowledge Base offers extensive product documentation, user manuals, certifications matrix, and other helpful information resources. From the website, you can also download firmware updates and submit a service request with Quantum's ESupport tool.Preventive Maintenance:To ensure optimal equipment operation, Quantum products may generate an automatic alert when preventive maintenance is recommended. Customers can schedule preventive maintenance between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding nationally recognized holidays.Concurrent Maintenance:Whenever possible, Quantum will perform remedial maintenance without disrupting normal equipment operation.
Service Availability:• 24 x 7
• 9 x 5
Service Response Time:4 Hour
Service Location:On-site
Service Duration:1 Year
Product Supported:SuperLoader 3

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