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Penpower Technology SWLEA0014 Chinese Expert Standard Immersion Chinese Learning Software

Penpower Technology SWLEA0014 Chinese Expert Standard Immersion Chinese Learning Software 4710837757409
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Mfg. & Model:Penpower Technology SWLEA0014
Mfg. Part #:SWLEA0014
Description:Chinese Expert Standard Immersion Chinese Learning Software
Availability:Limited availability
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Essential Information
BLT Item #:BY88999
Mfg. Part #:SWLEA0014
Mfg.:Penpower Technology
Weight:0.51 lbs.
Mfg.'s website:Visit
Dimensions:7.88" x 9.88" x 1.75"
Return Policy:Standard BLT Return Policy
Technical Information
Description:Penpower Chinese Expert Standard Version is a complete Chinese learning tool. You can utilize all the listening, reading, speaking, writing, and translation features and learn Chinese fast and easy. It also provides online and offline activation. Let you learn Chinese anytime and anywhere.
Product Type:Software
Software Main Type:Education
Software Sub Type:Educational
Software Name:Penpower Chinese Expert Standard
Features:Conversion between traditional and simplified Chinese.Auto addition of phonetics in Pinyin or Zhuyin.Segment Chinese text into groups of logical phrases, the first step in comprehension of Chinese language.The state of the art Text-to-Speech (variable speed) closely resembles native Chinese speech.Recording your own speech or from a teacher or a native Chinese speaker.Mouse over dictionary, phrase dictionary and optional on line search from online dictionary.Chinese character stroke animation, practice your own handwriting with feedback from our handwriting recognition engine.Auto-building all phrases with options to add your own notes.Practice your speech on those phrases, our voice recognition engine will tell you how well your pronunciation is.Speacking quizzes: have a phrase in your mind, say the phrase, it will tell you how close you reach your goal.Voice reader: the state of the art text-to-speech is embedded in most Windows applications (Word, internet browsers ...) with a click of a button. You can hear either Mandarin or Cantonese speech in those Windows applicationsThe state of the art translation engine keeps you informed and entertained.The pen scanner provides a comfortable handle which fits all left and right-handed users. Inputting Chinese text from books/magazines/newspapers has just become easier and faster: 600-700 characters a minute.The pen scanner recognizes 13060 Traditional Chinese characters, 6763 Simplified Chinese characters, 4184 Hong Kong characters, 3580 Japanese characters, English words, numbers and punctuation.The adjustable multiple language recognition system provides Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Hong Kong characters, English and Japanese recognition kernels.Translate phrases or characters from English to Chinese or vice versa and have your complete Chinese document translated into English right away, with a read back function which reads out your document to you aloud.Spell-check function which predicts characters while correcting alignment now empowers you with a more accurate scanning flow.Multi-thread architecture allows you to scan continuously without pause while recognition is being done on the fly.With Penpower Inputting Tool, you can correct or add your own text.
Platform Supported:PC
Package Contents:Penpower Chinese Expert Standard CDQuick GuideRegistration card
Package / Shipping Information
Weight:0.51 lbs.

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