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Kodak 1484864 Feed Roller / Sep Pad I2400 / I2800 I1200 / I1300 / Ss500 / 520ex

Kodak 1484864 Feed Roller Sep Pad I2400 I2800 I1200 I1300 Ss500 520ex 
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Mfg. & Model:Kodak 1484864
Mfg. Part #:1484864
Description:Feed Roller / Sep Pad I2400 / I2800 I1200 / I1300 / Ss500 / 520ex
Availability:In stock
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Includes: 12 tires and 2 pre-separation pads
Usage: See the table on page 33 for a guideline on how often to change consumables.

These tires are for use on the feed module and separation module.

Essential Information
BLT Item #:BR35672
Manufacturer Part #:1484864
Description:FEED ROLLER / SEP PAD I2400 / I2800 I1200 / I1300 / SS500 / 520EX
Weight:0.35 lbs.
Manufacturer's website:
Dimensions:6.2" x 4.4" x 4.2"
Return Policy:No Returns Or Exchanges
Brand and Item Information
Name:Kodak 1484864 Scanner Separation pad printer/scanner spare part
Brief Description:Kodak 1484864, Kodak, Scanner, i1200/i1300, i1200 Plus/i1300 Plus, i2400/i2600/i2800/i2420/i2620/i2820,..., Separation pad, Black, 250000 scans
Expanded Description:Kodak 1484864. Brand compatibility: Kodak, Device compatibility: Scanner, Compatibility: i1200/i1300, i1200 Plus/i1300 Plus, i2400/i2600/i2800/i2420/i2620/i2820,...
Packaging Content
Number of pick rollers included:12
Number of separation pads included:2
Brand compatibility:Kodak
Device compatibility:Scanner
Compatibility:i1200/i1300, i1200 Plus/i1300 Plus, i2400/i2600/i2800/i2420/i2620/i2820, PS400/PS800/PS50/PS80/PS55/PS450/s1220, Scan Station 500, Scan Station 700/710/720EX/730EX,
Type:Separation pad
Color of product:Black
Lifetime:250000 scans

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