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Hewlett Packard U7T80E Hp 3y 6h 24x7 Se1430 / 1530 Ctr Proact Service Pl=R8

Hewlett Packard U7T80E Hp 3y 6h 24x7 Se1430 1530 Ctr Proact Service Pl=R8 
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Mfg. & Model:Hewlett Packard U7T80E
Mfg. Part #:U7T80E
Description:Hp 3y 6h 24x7 Se1430 / 1530 Ctr Proact Service Pl=R8
Availability:Limited availability
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Essential Information
BLT Item #:BRN1711
Manufacturer Part #:U7T80E
Manufacturer:Hewlett Packard
Description:HP 3Y 6H 24X7 SE1430 / 1530 CTR PROACT SERVICE PL=R8 (SHIPS FROM MFG)
Weight:1 lbs.
Suggested Retail Price:$1,778.00
Manufacturer's website:
Return Policy:No Returns Or Exchanges
Technical Information
Service Name:Care Pack Proactive Care - Extended Service
Description:Avoidance of problems caused by an infrastructure that is not at the current revision level Improved performance through regular Proactive Scans to help ensure that systems are configured consistently with HP best practices. Reduction of incidents by anticipating issues through real-time monitoring of the environment and case history trend reporting Through the availability to purchase options, Proactive Care helps you by providing:. Increased accountability and personalization through the assignment of an account support team that will provide support planning and reviews Maximize return on IT assets through performance and availability analysis. Simplified operations from fully utilizing management software Flexible resourcing through access to skills on demand that can help with peak workload and project requirements.
Product Type:Service
Service Main Type:Maintenance
Service Sub Type:Electronic and Physical
Service Characteristic:Parts & Labor
Service Description:24x7x6 Hour
Service Response Time:6 Hour - Repair & Parts Replacement
Service Location:On-site
Service Duration:3 Year
Product Supported:HP StoreEasy Server:
1430 1530

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