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Corel - Multiuser Licensing LCWZPROMLMNT3A Multiple Languages 3yr Winzip Professional Corelsure Mnt 2-9u

Corel - Multiuser Licensing LCWZPROMLMNT3A Multiple Languages 3yr Winzip Professional Corelsure Mnt 2-9u 
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Mfg. & Model:Corel - Multiuser Licensing LCWZPROMLMNT3A
Description:Multiple Languages 3yr Winzip Professional Corelsure Mnt 2-9u
Availability:Limited availability
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Compress, share, protect and back up files
- Zip and unzip files instantly.
- Password-protect files as you compress them.
- Back up files and archive data automatically.
- Zip and burn files directly to CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc.
- Zip and send up to 2GB.
- Zip and post files directly to Facebook®.

File compression, sharing and backup
WinZip® Pro takes file compression to the next level with an automated data backup facility that helps you prevent data loss. Back up your desktop, documents, pictures and email so that you never lose a thing! Working with sensitive material? WinZip Pro's AES encryption tool will password-protect your files as you zip them. WinZip Pro also offers several innovative file sharing solutions to help you send large files without clogging email systems. You can even post zipped files directly to Facebook!

Compress with confidence
Zip and unzip files instantly while retaining their original folder structures and file relationships. Open all major compressed formats with ease and preview the contents of zipped files without having to unzip them first. Create self-extracting Zip files for recipients who do not own compression software.

Protect confidential data
Password-protect files as you zip them in one easy step! You can also define password policies that WinZip Pro will enforce for you. WinZip Pro will automatically shred temporary copies after viewing, and check files for corruption before you unzip them.

Share files easily
Compress multiple files/folders into small, logical packages that are ideal for sharing. Email files directly from the WinZip Pro window using your own email account. Enjoy faster transfer rates and fit more onto portable media. Access WinZip Pro's innovative file sharing web services and share large files instantly.

Back up files
Protect important data with a few simple clicks! WinZip Pro provides pre-defined backup jobs that zip and archive your work automatically. You can also create custom backup jobs using WinZip Pro’s simple wizard. Burn your backups directly to CD/DVD/Blu-ray or upload them off site with the built-in WinZip Pro FTP client.

Fast and easy compression
With easy-to-use tools and drag-and-drop functionality, WinZip instantly compresses documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, graphics, html projects—you name it! What's more, WinZip Pro retains file relations and folder structures as you zip and unzip. You can even create self-extracting Zip files, ideal for distribution to recipients who may not own WinZip Pro.

Convenient preview and edit tools
WinZip Pro allows you to preview and edit the content of a Zip file without having to first extract it. You can also 'Unzip and Try' the contents of a Zip file without to save it to your local drive.

Compression file formats
WinZip Pro compresses files into the following formats: Zip, LHA, and Zipx (our smallest compressed file to date). Not sure which format to use? Let WinZip Pro select the best compression method for you! WinZip Pro can also extract content from all major compressed file formats, providing you with maximum flexibility.

Photo and image compression
With a single click, you can compress your digital photographs and graphic images by 20-25% with no loss of quality or data integrity. This lets you send images faster and fit more on your flash drive, CD/DVD or hard disk.

New extended file format support
WinZip Pro can do more than simply extract content from other compression file types! In addition to Zip/Zipx files, WinZip 16 Pro's previewing functionality lets you browse the contents of other major compressed file formats. WinZip Pro also lets you instantly convert other file formats into Zip format!

New 64-bit zip engine
WinZip Pro has been fully upgraded with a brand new 64-bit zip engine. Now WinZip Pro can take full advantage of your system for maximum file compression power.

Zip and email with one click
WinZip Pro's file sharing functionality allows you to zip, encrypt and share a file directly from the WinZip window, all without having to open any other applications. WinZip Pro provides extensive support for most email and webmail services—once configured, you can zip and email files using virtually any email address.

New access to ZipSend™
With WinZip Pro's direct access to ZipSend, you can zip and send large files (up to 2GB) without the hassles associated with large email attachments. ZipSend is a powerful file delivery web service that boosts WinZip Pro's file sharing functionality to prevent bounced emails and clogged servers.

New access to ZipShare™
Now you can upload and post files directly to Facebook®, all from the WinZip Pro window! ZipShare is an innovative Facebook app that lets you zip and post any type of file to your Facebook wall.

Fast and easy encyption
Password-protect your files as you zip them, all in one easy step! WinZip Pro provides strong AES encryption to help you secure sensitive data from unauthorized access. You can even define your own password policies that WinZip Pro will enforce for each file that you encrypt.

Protection behind the scenes
WinZip Pro auto-wipes or "shreds" temporarily extracted copies of encrypted files using the U.S. Department of Defense standard (DoD 5220.22-M). This automatic action prevents protected files from being recovered and misused.

Automated Backup Jobs
WinZip Pro offers a useful set of predefined backup "jobs" that take care of archiving data for you. By automating the process of creating and updating Zip files, WinZip jobs free you from repetitive zipping tasks. With one click, WinZip will automatically zip and archive common items like your My Documents directory, your Desktop, your Windows® 7 libraries, or Microsoft® Outlook® email.

Extensive storage options
WinZip Pro offers several storage options that you can use or run automatically using predefined backup jobs. Burn your backup data to CD/DVD or Blu-ray disc, or email your backups off site from virtually any of your email addresses. You can also upload your backups to an off-site server using the built-in WinZip FTP client. WinZip Pro can even send you automated email notifications upon backup job completion!

WinZip Job Wizard
You can create your own backup job with the WinZip Job Wizard. Follow the easy step-by-step process to specify what data files you want zipped, how you want them zipped, and where the resulting Zip files should go. You can even specify when you want your backup jobs to run!

Essential Information
BLT Item #:BLL1803
Manufacturer Part #:LCWZPROMLMNT3A
Manufacturer:Corel - Multiuser Licensing
Weight:1 lbs.
Manufacturer's website:
Return Policy:No Returns Or Exchanges
Brand and Item Information
Name:Corel WinZip Pro, MNT, 2-9u, 3y
Brief Description:Corel WinZip Pro, MNT, 2-9u, 3y, 2 - 9, 3 year(s), PC, Pro, Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7, Multilingual
Expanded Description:Corel WinZip Pro, MNT, 2-9u, 3y. License quantity: 2 - 9, Number of years: 3 year(s). Platform: PC, Software version: Pro. Compatible operating systems: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7. Language version: Multilingual
License quantity:2 - 9 license(s)
Number of years:3 year(s)
Software version:Pro
Mac compatibility:N
Compatible operating systems:Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Language version:Multilingual

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