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Canon 1941B001AC Captureperfect 3.0

Canon 1941B001AC Captureperfect 3.0 013803078770 - Image of item from
Mfg. & Model:Canon 1941B001AC
Mfg. Part #:1941B001AC
Description:Captureperfect 3.0

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Essential Information
BLT Item #:BL39711
Manufacturer Part #:1941B001AC
Description:CAPTUREPERFECT 3.0
Weight:0.18 lbs.
Suggested Retail Price:$80.00
Manufacturer's website:
Dimensions:5" x 5.5" x 0.25"
Return Policy:No Returns Or Exchanges
Technical Information
Description:CapturePerfect 3.0 is a comprehensive document imaging software application. This imaging software, which is ISIS compliant, was designed to maximize scanning performance, as well as streamline tasks for viewing, presenting, sending, saving, and printing office documents. CapturePerfect automates the image capture process and produces consistent, high-quality scans from even the most difficult original documents.
Product Type:Software
Software Main Type:Utility
Software Sub Type:Utility
Software Name:CapturePerfect v.3.0
Features:Display Function: Change the order of images with simple drag-and-drop operation Split image display window to view multiple images at once Editing Function: Insert, add, or replace scanned images into existing TIFF or PDF files Extract or combine specified pages to generate or consolidate multiple page files PDF Function: PDF security settings allow encryption of scanned images and control rights for printing or editing Create Searchable PDFs with embedded OCR Create High Compression PDFs to save file space Scanning Functions: Save scanned images to specified file folders Print scanned images to specified printer Attach scanned images to an e-mail Project scanned images through projectors during business presentations Advanced Functions: Pre-register up to 100 routine job and scan settings, such as Scan-To- E-Mail, Scan-To-PC, and Scan-To-Print Automatically generate file names from barcode, imprinter, or zone OCR results for indexing Monitor file size capacity of target folder Save log files of results from barcode and OCR recognition functions Generate multiple image files from a single scan with MultiStream functionality
Platform Supported:PC
Compatibility:DR-Series Scanner
Package / Shipping Information
Weight:0.20 lbs.

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