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Brenda Lee's Treasures RUFFLE-SCARF-BW02 rufflescarfbw02 Handmade Crochet Ruffle Scarf - White / Beige / Brown

Brenda Lee's Treasures RUFFLE-SCARF-BW02 rufflescarfbw02 Handmade Crochet Ruffle Scarf White Beige Brown  - Image of item from

This gorgeous ruffle scarf is perfect for keeping you warm, and looking fashionable at the same time! Handmade using 97% acrylic / 3% metallic yarn. The scarf can be worn in many different ways throughout the year. Care: hand wash cold, dry flat. Length is about 5 feet.

Available in These Colors:

Black / White / Gray Ruffle Scarf
White / Brown / Beige Ruffle Scarf
Blue / Dark Lavender Ruffle Scarf
Sky Blue / White / Lavender / Beige Ruffle Scarf
Sky Blue / White / Lavender / Beige Scarf
Purple / Green / Light Red / Dark Blue Scarf
Purple / Green / Orange / Light Blue Scarf
Dark Orange / Deep Red / Dark Scarlet Scarf
Dark Green / Light Green / Beige Scarf
Pink / Burgundy / Dark Gray Scarf
Off White / Gray / Beige Ruffle Scarf
Metallic Aqua Ruffle Scarf
Blue / Gray Ruffle Scarf
Red / Gold Ruffle Scarf
Mfg. & Model:Brenda Lee's Treasures RUFFLE-SCARF-BW02
Description:Handmade Crochet Ruffle Scarf - White / Beige / Brown

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