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Avocent SCNT-1YS12499-DCP scnt1ys12499dcp Silver Sup For 6000-12499 Assets

Avocent SCNT-1YS12499-DCP scnt1ys12499dcp Silver Sup 6000-12499 Assets  - Manufacturer's logo from
Mfg. & Model:Avocent SCNT-1YS12499-DCP
Mfg. Part #:SCNT-1YS12499-DCP ( SCNT1YS12499DCP )
Description:Silver Sup For 6000-12499 Assets

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Where are you in the data center maturity model?
No matter where you find yourself–from scrambling to manage it all manually to overseeing multiple automated systems–there is always a better, improved level of efficiency to be reached. To effectively manage the physical infrastructure, organizations need a fully integrated solution that (at a minimum) tracks the physical infrastructure configuration, manages projects and calculates current capacity.

Introducing Avocent Data Center Planner
The Avocent Data Center Planner (formerly Avocent MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer software) is ready to help you shift from a reactive to proactive maturity level. Once in place, your organization will gain tremendous advantages and be better able to achieve consolidation, virtualization and energy efficiency goals.

Delivering unmatched visualization, insight and management capabilities
Data Center Planner is a visual infrastructure planning and management solution within the Emerson Network Power strategic framework for data center optimization. It provides data center management with accurate and complete information about where devices and equipment are located, their current capacities and their growth.

Comprehensive Visualization - Innovative graphics are dynamically updated as equipment is installed, decommissioned or moved within the infrastructure.

Plan with Confidence - Sophisticated modeling and predictive analysis capabilities (i.e., what-if scenarios) are easily created using a drag and drop interface. The project planning features help organizations stay organized and see the impact of changes before they occur, allowing them to prioritize activities and reduce the risk associated with changes.

Know Your Capacity - The unique rack timeline capabilities (offered only in Data Center Planner) offer insight into exactly when/how rack capacity (space, power, network) will be impacted by changes over time.

Know Your Inventory - The single repository eliminates the need for personnel to conduct labor-intensive audits and update multiple spreadsheets, freeing up resources and improving management efficiency.

Exchange Critical Data with Other Departments - The standardized API supports the exchange of data to allow businesses to share critical information across departments and enables strategic operations management and planning.

Add even more control: Integrate with DSView 4.5 management software.
Data Center Planner can be configured to work closely with DSView 4.5 management software, Power Manager plug-in and the hardware portfolio Avocent has to offer.

By leveraging the power of the Avocent portfolio and the associated infrastructure hardware, you have the ability to successfully manage your environment within the data center or around the globe.

No other vendor offers the combination of robust data center planning, change management and integration with the Avocent active infrastructure products.

Essential Information
BLT Item #:BTG6145
Manufacturer Part #:SCNT-1YS12499-DCP
Weight:1 lbs.
Suggested Retail Price:$45.00
Manufacturer's website:
Return Policy:No Returns Or Exchanges
Brand and Item Information
Name:Vertiv Avocent SCNT-1YS12499-DCP warranty & support extension
Brief Description:Vertiv Avocent SCNT-1YS12499-DCP, 6000 - 12499, 1 year(s), 5x12
Expanded Description:Vertiv Avocent SCNT-1YS12499-DCP. License quantity: 6000 - 12499, Number of years: 1 year(s), Service time (days x hours): 5x12
License quantity:6000 - 12499 user(s)
Number of years:1 year(s)
Service time (days x hours):5x12
Compatibility:Data Center Planner
Assurance program level:Silver

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