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Avocent RPM1.5-BASE50 rpm15base50 Rack Power Manager Software Base Pk 1hub 50rack Pdus Mnt Req

Avocent RPM1.5-BASE50 rpm15base50 Rack Power Manager Software Base Pk 1hub 50rack Pdus Mnt Req 
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Mfg. & Model:Avocent RPM1.5-BASE50
Mfg. Part #:RPM1.5-BASE50 ( RPM15BASE50 )
Description:Rack Power Manager Software Base Pk 1hub 50rack Pdus Mnt Req
Availability:Limited availability
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Data Sheets

Business Challenges
For data center professionals challenged with meeting their SLAs, unified management of power consumption is fundamental. Unmanaged power consumption, cost and load balance leads to inefficiencies and structural bottlenecks, ultimately, increasing business continuity risk through service interruption. Some common scenarios include:

- Poor monitoring and management as well as unchecked power consumption leading to infrastructure vulnerability and business continuity risk.
- Rapidly changing data center configuration with variable power and thermal impact leading to delayed, inefficient and uninformed service response.
- Inconsistently measured power consumption and heat generation history leading to inferior baseline metrics and poorly correlated rack density impact evaluations.

Avocent Rack Power Manager helps the professionals of data center operations teams overcome these challenges by providing the ability to measure and manage power consumption, costs and trends from socket (single server) to the entire data center. It simplifies power and cooling management through a unified view, including remote power control for the full rack PDU or server outlet; as a single System of Record for Data Center Power Management. Through polled threshold inquiry of rack-level environmental values, the Avocent Rack Power Manager empowers administrators with timely collected operational data enabling informed action on power usage efficiencies and data center availability. Through usage of existing on-network intelligent rack PDU investments and/or rack PDUs on-network via innovative Avocent appliances, the Avocent

Rack Power Manager delivers:

- Comprehensively monitored data center rack PDUs to provide notification on power and/
- or thermal threshold violation or hardware initiated event.
- Regularly collected rack PDU power and thermal data to provide a comprehensive
- baseline and forward timeline of operational performance and trends (socket to rack to
- data center) to deliver a rich knowledge base of rack PDU behavior.
- Reporting based on the rich knowledge base to deliver the correlated power and thermal
- outcomes on data center activity such as rack density initiatives.

As a logical extension to the Avocent DSView product family, the Avocent® Rack Power Managerr is derived from a well-accepted industry solution –borrowing from production proven technology. It enables data center professionals with the knowledge to optimize power usage efficiencies and data center availability. The Avocent Rack Power Manager offers a combined interface for the management of your rack PDU infrastructure allowing your team to tap their data center skills.

It offers data centers these capabilities:

- Insight for capacity planning
- Total reading on power usage for better efficiency
- Leverage your intelligent PDU investment via one centralized interface
- Allocate costs of power based on actual usage by department
- Determine what activities can be moved to off-peak times
- Avoid budget overruns by setting a maximum threshold of power usage
- Balance of power usage for better efficiency and appropriately cooled data center
- Preemptive notification and alarms for proactive power management

Essential Information
BLT Item #:BTG6169
Manufacturer Part #:RPM1.5-BASE50
Weight:1 lbs.
Suggested Retail Price:$4,128.00
Manufacturer's website:
Return Policy:No Returns Or Exchanges
Brand and Item Information
Name:Vertiv Avocent RPM1.5-BASE50 network monitoring software
Brief Description:Avocent RPM1.5-BASE50, 6000 MB, 2+ Ghz CPU, 250 MB
Expanded Description:Avocent RPM1.5-BASE50. Minimum RAM: 6000 MB, Minimum processor: 2+ Ghz CPU, Minimum hard disk space: 250 MB
System Requirements
Minimum RAM:6000 MB
Minimum processor:2+ Ghz CPU
Minimum hard disk space:250 MB
Technical Details
Compatible operating systems:Microsoft Windows Server 2008 - 2012 (x64)
SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 10 - 11(x64)
RedHat Enterprise Server 6.4 - 6.5 (x64)

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